Missing Games

These are games that are missing some bit of information, be it the score, the date, the location, etc. As game information is filled in, it will be removed from this list -- with the eventual goal of having ZERO games on this page! If you can help me fill in some of this information, e-mail me at pschmiedt@yahoo.com. Thanks!

List is current as of 6/10/17.

Date Away Team Away Team Score Home Team Home Team Score Game Notes Source
O7/2002 Meeteetse Roberts (MT) Roberts win CE
O9-13/1990 Saratoga 15 Cheyenne Central JV 20 date/loc. Unk. SS
O17/1981 Hulett Spearfish (SD)
O18/1980 Bow-Basin Laramie JV
O12/1979 North Big Horn 26 Lovell JV 24 3OT-loc. Unk. LC
O31-N1/1975 Burlington 21 Joliet (MT) 45 loc/date unk. CST
S5-6/1968 Lyman 6 Park City (UT) 27 date/loc. Unk. UCH/ACOUHSF
S20/1968 Moorcroft Edgemont (SD)
S12-16/1967 Lyman (NE) 33 Huntley 6 date/loc. Unk. PBP
O6/1967 Natrona JV Glendo Glendo win CST
O15/1966 Jackson Rock Springs JV
A29/1963 Mountain View 39 Rock Springs JV 0 loc. Unk. UCH
S21/1962 Natrona JV Midwest Midwest win; score unknown CMS/MHS
S1-3/1960 Byron 31 Cody JV 0 date/loc. Unk. RR
S11/1959 Manderson 12 Worland JV 0 loc. Unk. SP
S17/1959 Moorcroft 20 Gillette JV 0 loc. Unk. GNR
S26/1958 Huntley 19 Lyman (NE) 7 loc. Unk. TT
O17/1958 Saratoga JV 28 Baggs 13 loc. Unk. SS
O18/1958 Natrona JV 19 Glendo 7 loc. Unk. CTH
O31/1958 Vale (SD) Hulett
O31/1958 Ten Sleep Worland Institute
S13/1957 Hulett 0 Vale (SD) 27 loc. Unk. VHS
N1/1957 Baggs Encampment
N5/1957 Manderson 31 Ten Sleep 6 loc. Unk. NWDN
S8/1956 Burlington 25 Worland Institute 0 loc. Unk. NWDN
S20-22/1956 McGrew (NE) 19 Huntley 0 date/loc. Unk. TT
S28/1956 Hulett Sundance
O5/1956 Mountain View Baggs
O6/1956 Lyman Big Piney
O9/1956 Reliance Pinedale
O13/1956 Byron Burlington
O26/1956 Byron Manderson
N2/1956 Cowley Deaver-Frannie
S9-10/1955 Cowley 63 Belfry (MT) 30 date/loc. Unk. LC
S23/1955 Farson Cokeville
S23/1955 Sunrise Chugwater
S30/1955 Burlington Deaver-Frannie
O7/1955 Deaver-Frannie Cowley
O14/1955 Pine Bluffs Sidney St. Patrick's (NE)
O21/1955 Morrill (NE) 13 Pine Bluffs 0 loc. Unk. TT/PBP
O25/1955 Glendo Harrison (NE) loc. Unk.
S7-13/1954 Byron 25 Meeteetse 0 date/loc. Unk. LC
S10/1954 Albin 27 Melbeta (NE) 6 loc. Unk. PBP
S15-18/1954 Pine Bluffs 37 Laramie JV 0 date/loc. Unk. WST
S24/1954 Albin Sunrise
S25/1954 Hanna Baggs
O15/1954 Pinedale Reliance
O15/1954 Deaver-Frannie Worland Institute Deaver-Frannie win/loc. Unk. LC
O20/1954 Morton 19 Riverton JV 7 loc. Unk. RR
O22/1954 Big Piney Baggs
O22/1954 Deaver-Frannie 37 Burlington 12 loc. Unk. LC
N1/1954 Morton 27 Lander JV 0 loc. Unk. RR
N9/1954 Byron 19 Lovell JV 18 loc. Unk. LC
S23-29/1953 Pine Bluffs 41 Scottsbluff JV (NE) 0 date unk. PBP
O2/1953 Clearmont Moorcroft
O3/1953 Deaver-Frannie 37 Worland Institute 0 loc. Unk. LC
O8-10/1953 Cowley 21 Deaver-Frannie 20 date/loc. Unk. NWDN
O9/1953 Moorcroft Rozet
O9/1953 Lyman Big Piney
O7/1953 Lingle Harrison (NE) Lingle win LGR
O10/1953 Baggs 32 Farson 0 loc. Unk. RDT
O14-17/1953 Deaver-Frannie 39 Burlington 6 date/loc. Unk. LC
O16/1953 Shoshoni Morton
O23/1953 Big Piney Cokeville
O30/1953 Clearmont Moorcroft
O30/1953 Harrison (NE) 44 Glendo 18 loc. Unk. PCR
O30/1953 Big Piney Farson
S10/1952 Shoshoni 28 Riverton JV 0 loc. Unk. RTM/RRV
S19/1952 Cowley 72 Worland Institute 41 loc. Unk. CHS
O31/1952 Lingle Sunrise Lingle win PCR
S13-15/1951 Byron 28 Colstrip (MT) 6 date/loc. Unk. LC
S21-28/1951 Worland Institute 6 Shoshoni 13 date unk. RRV/RT
O3/1951 Glenrock Huntley Huntley win TT
O19/1951 Cokeville Lyman
O19/1951 Albin Dix (NE)
O25/1951 Lander JV Shoshoni Shoshoni win RRV
O26/1951 Cowley Deaver-Frannie Cowley win; score and loc. Unk. DHS
N2/1951 Hanna Baggs
N2/1951 Harrisburg (NE) Albin
S15/1950 Albin 24 Grover (CO) 6 loc. Unk. PBP
S22/1950 Arvada Ranchester Ranchester win SP
S29/1950 Byron Meeteetse Byron win NWDN
O13/1950 Guernsey Glenrock
O13/1950 Manville Sunrise
O27/1950 Cokeville Reliance
N10/1950 Star Valley Jackson
S30/1949 Hanna Saratoga
O5/1949 Manville Sunrise Sunrise win CMS/LH/LFL
O14/1949 Saratoga Kremmling (CO)
O16-N30/1949 Star Valley 13 Superior 6 date unk. SVI*
O17-N30/1949 Star Valley 12 Malad (ID) 0 date unk. SVI*
O21/1949 Saratoga Hanna
O28/1949 Sunrise Guernsey
O28/1949 Pinedale Saratoga
N1/1949 Cowley Meeteetse
S24/1948 Lyman Hanna
O1/1948 Clearmont 39 Big Horn 28 loc. Unk. SP/BHHS
O1/1948 Big Piney Hanna
O8/1948 Pinedale Hanna
O15/1948 Manville Sunrise
O20/1948 Meeteetse Burlington
O22/1948 Cowley 12 Byron 39 loc. Unk. LC
O23/1948 Cowley Meeteetse
O29/1948 Star Valley 19 Malad (ID) 20 loc. Unk. CTH/WST
S22/1947 Pinedale 40 Farson 12 loc. Unk. RSDR/PRU
O10/1947 Potter (NE) Albin
O14/1947 Riverton JV Shoshoni
O21/1947 Shoshoni 26 Thermopolis JV 0 loc. Unk. RP
O24/1947 Glenrock Sunrise Sunrise win PCR
O2-O10/1946 Guernsey 12 Hanna 7 date unk. GG
O11-12/1946 Torrington 0 Mitchell (NE) 13 date/loc. Unk. CTH/TT
O17/1946 Burns Albin
O18/1946 Guernsey Glenrock
O19/1946 Fort Collins JV (CO) St. Mary's
O31/1946 Pinedale 62 Farson 6 loc. Unk. PRU
N5/1946 Pine Bluffs Albin
N6/1946 Cody sophs Meeteetse
N10/1946 St. Mary's Walsenburg (CO)
S14-15/1945 Powell 18 Laurel (MT) 0 date unk. PT
S22-O11/1945 Downey (ID) 0 Star Valley 45 date unk. SVI*
S28/1945 Clearmont Ranchester Ranchester win CHS
S28/1945 Sunrise Manville
O3-6/1945 Byron 88 Lovell third team 8 date/loc. Unk. CP
O13-O27/1945 Star Valley 19 Paris (ID) 19 tie/date unk. SVI*
O14-O28/1945 Star Valley 19 Superior 0 date unk. SVI*
O15-O29/1945 Star Valley 18 Montpelier (ID) 13 date unk. SVI*
O19/1945 Reliance Hanna
O19/1945 Burlington Shoshoni
O19/1945 Manville Sunrise
O26/1945 Guernsey 25 Manville 19 loc. Unk. GG
O26/1945 St. Mary's Sidney St. Patrick's (NE) St. Mary's win WE
N2/1945 Jackson Pinedale
N5/1945 Powell 14 Greybull 0 loc. Unk. CTH
N7/1945 Manville Lusk JV
N9/1945 Pinedale Farson
S29/1944 Montpelier (ID) Star Valley
O12-15/1944 Jackson 12 Pinedale 45 date unk. PRU
O20/1944 Cokeville 20 Big Piney 12 loc. Unk. CR/BPE
O28/1944 Pinedale Jackson
N1-4/1944 Cowley 6 Heart Mountain JV 46 date unk. HMS
N3/1944 Star Valley Kemmerer
N3/1944 Reliance Pinedale canceled-? PRU
N10/1944 Pinedale Farson
N10/1944 Reliance Cokeville
O1/1943 Manville Glenrock
O1/1943 Star Valley Montpelier (ID)
O7-11/1943 Ranchester 27 Lodge Grass (MT) 20 date unk. SP
O8/1943 Farson Big Piney
O8/1943 Evanston Star Valley
O13-16/1943 Buffalo 6 Gillette 6 tie/date/loc. Unk. GNR
O13-16/1943 Shoshoni 0 Burlington 39 date unk. BRR
O15/1943 Big Piney Reliance
O16/1943 Evanston Star Valley
O22/1943 Glenrock 31 Guernsey 0 loc. Unk. GG
O26/1943 Manville 33 Guernsey 12 loc. Unk. GG
N1-3/1943 Manville 32 Guernsey 8 date/loc. Unk. GG
N5/1943 Big Piney Farson Big Piney win BPE
N10/1943 Pinedale Big Piney Big Piney win BPE
S25/1942 Ranchester Lodge Grass (MT)
S29/1942 Albin 45 Dix (NE) 0 loc. Unk. PBP
O3/1942 Farson Pinedale
O9/1942 Reliance Pinedale
O9/1942 Burlington Cowley loc. Unk.
O16/1942 Deaver-Frannie Burlington
O17/1942 Pinedale Farson
O23/1942 Deaver-Frannie Byron
O30/1942 Meeteetse Deaver-Frannie
O31/1942 Pinedale Reliance
N6/1942 Cowley Deaver-Frannie
N6/1942 Burlington Shoshoni Shoshoni win GST
N7/1942 Pinedale Jackson
N12/1942 Farson Lyman
N16/1942 Torrington Scottsbluff (NE)
S19/1941 Potter (NE) Carpenter Potter win PBP
S26-27/1941 Sunrise 7 Manville 6 date/loc. Unk. CTH
O10/1941 Star Valley Malad (ID) SV win SVI
O15/1941 Meeteetse Byron
O15/1941 Carpenter Burns Carpenter win PBP
O16/1941 Deaver-Frannie Meeteetse canceled-? NWDN
O17/1941 Reliance Hanna
O17/1941 Sundance Sturgis St. Martin's (SD)
O24/1941 Nisland (SD) Sundance
O31/1941 Fort Washakie Shoshoni
O31/1941 Hanna Reliance
O31/1941 Sturgis St. Martin's (SD) Sundance
N7/1941 Shoshoni Pavillion
N7/1941 Reliance Hanna
N7/1941 Big Piney Jackson
N7/1941 Burns Carpenter Burns win PBP
N7/1941 Meeteetse Fort Washakie
N11/1941 Jackson Midway (ID)
N11/1941 Hawk Springs Albin Albin win LGR
N14/1941 Dayton Big Horn
N14/1941 Carpenter Hawk Springs
S12-16/1940 Jackson 6 Midway (ID) 26 date/loc. Unk. JHC
S21/1940 Jackson Big Piney
S23-28/1940 Burlington 29 Ten Sleep 2 date/loc. Unk. BRR
S27/1940 Ten Sleep Manderson
S28/1940 Ririe (ID) Jackson
O4/1940 Manderson Burlington Manderson win BRR
O11/1940 Ranchester Big Horn
O11/1940 Albin Burns Burns win PBP
O11/1940 Meeteetse 47 Manderson 40 loc. Unk. CE
O12/1940 Pinedale Farson loc. Unk.
O15/1940 Deaver-Frannie Cowley
O16/1940 Albin Carpenter Albin win PBP
O18/1940 Reliance Hanna
O19/1940 Big Piney 6 Pinedale 32 loc. Unk. RSDR
O24/1940 Sundance Sturgis (SD)
O26/1940 Big Piney Farson
N1/1940 Dayton Big Horn
N1/1940 University Prep 26 Carpenter 6 loc. Unk. PBP
N2/1940 Pinedale Farson
N8/1940 Reliance Big Piney
N8/1940 Star Valley 26 Paris (ID) 6 loc. Unk. SVI
N8/1940 Pinedale 26 Big Piney 14 loc. Unk. BPE
N15/1940 Ranchester Dayton
N15/1940 Pinedale Reliance
S15/1939 Midwest 14 Lander 14 tie/loc. Unk. CTH/WSJ
S20-24/1939 Big Piney 0 Farson 27 date unk. BPE
S23/1939 Soda Springs (ID) 6 Star Valley 26 loc. Unk. SVI
S30/1939 Meeteetse Byron
O5/1939 Byron Deaver-Frannie
O5/1939 Guernsey Glenrock
O6/1939 Burlington Manderson Manderson win CTH/CE
O6/1939 Ten Sleep Meeteetse Ten Sleep win CE
O14/1939 Deaver-Frannie 6 Bridger (MT) 7 loc. Unk. DS
O18/1939 Deaver-Frannie Manderson
O27/1939 Ten Sleep Deaver-Frannie
S30/1938 Lusk Sunrise
O21/1938 Deaver-Frannie Ten Sleep Ten Sleep win WG
O23-26/1938 Burlington 0 Byron 20 date unk. CE/LC
O28/1938 Newcastle 14 Edgemont (SD) 20 score unsure; could be 19-14 NNLJ
N3/1938 Cowley 58 Deaver-Frannie 0 six-man/loc. Unk. CP
N7-12/1938 Reliance Rock Springs JV date/loc. Unk.
N11/1938 Ten Sleep Fort Washakie
N28/1938 Farson Rock Springs JV
S18/1936 Fort Washakie 6 Lander 14 loc. Unk. TIR
S18/1936 Lingle Guernsey Lingle win LR
O2/1936 Fort Washakie 0 Lander 35 loc. Unk. WSJ
O2/1936 Fort Laramie Torrington JV
O16/1936 Monarch 6 Dayton 34 loc. Unk. SP
O20/1936 Rawlins Hanna
O30/1936 Monarch Dayton loc. Unk.
N13/1936 Sunrise Morrill (NE)
N14/1936 Gebo Fort Washakie
S27/1935 Lusk Edgemont (SD)
S27/1935 Sunrise Guernsey
O15/1939 Rawlins Hanna
O19/1935 Rawlins 0 Superior 26 loc. Unk. RSR
O26/1935 Rawlins Rock Springs RS win RSR
O29-N4/1935 Ranchester 0 Clearmont 6 date unk. CHS
N1/1935 Manville Wheatland
N2/1935 Superior Rock Springs
N6-9/1935 Cokeville 12 Inkom (ID) 0 date/loc. Unk. CR
N8/1935 Wheatland 0 Sunrise 12 loc. Unk. PCR
N20/1935 Cheyenne Central Sterling (CO)
N22/1935 Guernsey Fort Laramie six man
S21/1934 Sunrise Scottsbluff (NE)
S28/1934 Guernsey 0 Sunrise 17 date unsure WT
S28/1934 Manville 0 Guernsey 13 date unsure GG/WST
O5/1934 Sunrise Mitchell (NE)
O6/1934 Jackson Driggs (ID) loc. Unk.
O19/1934 Star Valley Firth (ID) Firth win SVI*
O20/1934 Jackson Star Valley Star Valley win SVI*
O27/1934 Bancroft (ID) Star Valley Star Valley win SVI*
N2/1934 Torrington Gering (NE) Gering win TT
N8/1934 Lyman (NE) Torrington
O6/1933 Mitchell (NE) 0 Sunrise 20 loc. Unk. GG
O28/1933 Evanston Superior
S24/1932 Manville 6 Guernsey 32 loc. Unk. GG
O15/1932 Rawlins Superior
O18/1932 Thermopolis JV 13 Shoshoni winner, score unk. TIR
O18-22/1932 Torrington 6 Scottsbluff (NE) 41 loc/date unk. TT
O21/1932 Ten Sleep 0 Worland 6 loc. Unk. WST/SP
O21/1932 Guernsey Manville Guernsey win LH
O22/1932 Evanston Star Valley Evanston win SVI*
O26/1932 Edgar (MT) 0 Cowley 36 loc. Unk. CP
N3/1932 Natrona juniors 0 Glenrock 12 loc. Unk. GI
N4/1932 Shoshoni Thermopolis JV Thermopolis JV win WSJ
N4/1932 Guernsey Wheatland
N11/1932 Star Valley Thatcher (UT) Star Valley win SVI*
N18/1932 Torrington Sunrise
N19/1932 Lingle Torrington
O16/1931 Guernsey 0 Torrington 51 loc. Unk. TT
O24/1931 Superior Hanna
O26-N3/1931 Lingle 0 Sunrise 58 date unk. GG
O30/1931 Riverton JV 6 Shoshoni 7 loc. Unk. RRV
O30/1931 Guernsey 13 Manville 0 loc. Unk. LH
N6-11/1931 Manville 7 Harrison (NE) 27 date/loc. Unk. LH
N16/1931 Valley Greybull
O3/1930 Lingle Guernsey Lingle win LR
O29/1930 Shoshoni 6 Thermopolis frosh 13 loc. Unk. TIR
N1/1930 Gebo 6 Thermopolis JV 7 loc. Unk. TIR
N7/1930 Manville 0 Guernsey 40 loc. Unk. GG
N17/1930 Worland Cowley
N18/1930 Manville 0 Lusk JV 13 loc. Unk. LH
N21/1930 Lovell 6 Cowley 6 tie/loc. Unk. LC
O25/1929 Worland Midwest
O26/1929 Riverton JV 18 Shoshoni 0 loc. Unk. SHOE
N1/1929 Thermopolis JH 0 Shoshoni 0 tie/loc. Unk. SHOE
N2/1929 Guernsey 0 Sunrise 20 loc. Unk. WT
N9/1929 Riverton JH 18 Shoshoni 0 loc. Unk. SHOE
N22/1929 Gering (NE) Torrington
O12/1928 Lyman (NE) 0 Lingle 25 loc. Unk. LR
N1-3/1928 Rock Springs Superior date unk.
N9/1928 Lovell Cowley
N16/1928 Greybull Lovell
N16/1928 Kemmerer Montpelier (ID)
O15/1927 Big Piney Superior Superior win RSR/BPE
N11/1927 Lovell Cowley
N19/1927 Fort Washakie Riverton Riverton win/loc. Unk. WSJ
N24/1927 Cowley Lovell
N24/1927 Greybull Basin tie/score unk. CDT/BHCR
S29-O5/1926 Fort Washakie 0 Lander 36 date/loc. Unk. WSJ
O15/1926 Fort Washakie 0 Lander 64 loc. Unk. WSJ
O29/1926 Sundance 0 Spearfish (SD) 27 loc. Unk. ST
O29/1926 Torrington 6 Lusk 13 loc. Unk. LH
N17-20/1926 Wheatland 32 Lingle 0 date unk. WT
N20/1926 Ten Sleep Greybull loc. Unk.
O24/1925 Worland JV Ten Sleep
O24/1925 Greybull Cowley
N6/1925 Rawlins Rock Springs
N11/1925 Greybull Basin
N17/1925 Sunrise Morrill (NE)
N26/1925 Lander Riverton
N26/1925 Basin Greybull
S20-N1/1924 Manderson 18 Burlington 6 date unk. BHCR
S27-N5/1924 Manderson 61 Ten Sleep 0 date unk. BHCR
O10/1924 Superior Green River
O18/1924 Sundance Spearfish (SD)
O23-N4/1924 Burlington 12 Manderson 27 date unk. BHCR
N22/1924 Powell Lovell
N27/1924 Cowley Lovell
S22/1923 Park City (UT) Evanston 0 Park City win WYT
O6/1923 Greybull 0 Billings (MT) 51 score not certain GS
N17/1923 Lovell Cody
N24/1923 Worland Lovell loc. Unk.
N29/1923 Lovell Cowley
N29/1923 Lander Midwest
O20/1922 Lovell 0 Greybull 46 loc. Unk. GT
N18/1922 Moorcroft Newcastle
N24/1922 Crawford (NE) Newcastle
N30/1922 Wheatland Guernsey
N5/1920 Buffalo Newcastle
O16/1915 Cheyenne Central Colorado State JV (CO)
N25/1915 Colorado State JV (CO) Cheyenne Central
N23/1907 Cheyenne Central Eaton (CO)