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June 21, 2015: Several updates for some Northeast corner schools. See blog for details.
May 30, 2015: Updated coach listings for Worland. See blog for details.
April 14, 2015: Updated the individual records page and the Shrine Bowl listing of player tallies per team. See blog for details.
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Order A Century of Fridays, the book that details the rise of Wyoming high school football from a confusing novelty to a staple of communities statewide. Written by Patrick Schmiedt -- the same person who operates this website.

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Welcome to! This site was created and is maintained by Patrick Schmiedt, a former sports reporter at the Casper Star-Tribune. The site is open for use by all members of the media, fans, coaches, players, parents and passers-by. My only request is that you don't take this information and directly use it in any way to make money -- for example, by taking the results and publishing them in a game program that you sell, or by taking my results and publishing them on another website without my permission.

If you republish the information posted here in any way, either directly or indirectly, please attribute as your source. I go out of my way to attribute my sources on this site and I appreciate the professional courtesy of the same in return.

This website has archived 23,404 games to date.

Records and details

Results: Individual game results by team or by year. Annual conference standings.

All-time standings: Totals since 1894, sorted by winning percentage or by total wins, through the end of last season.

Year-by-year standings: Conference standings dating back to 1967.

Winners: Wyoming state football champions or state runners-up; state championship games by year and by class; annual playoff brackets.

Programs: See details on Wyoming's high school football programs, including school colors, mascots, locations and the starting and ending dates of programs.

Streaks: Longest winning and losing streaks; the page also includes home and road winning and losing streaks.

All-stars: All-state football teams from as far back as 1920; Wyoming's all-America team choices since the mid-1940s; the Casper Star-Tribune's Super 25 teams; and Shrine Bowl results and records.

Scoring records: Scoring records, including most points scored in a game, most combined points scored in a game and highest scoring tie games for both regular season and playoff games.

Individual records: Individual records, including season and single-game records for passing, rushing and receiving yards and season records for defensive points.

Stadiums: Google Maps views and names of Wyoming's high school football stadiums.

Photos has an open, public album on Flickr. All you have to do is sign up for Flickr (a Yahoo account works), then join the Wyoming football Flickr group. Upload your Wyoming high school photos, add them to the group and let everyone enjoy! Photos added to the group will be included in the slideshow at the top of the page.

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Basketball and track

Sister site lists the scores of every Wyoming high school boys and girls state basketball tournament game and is in progress obtaining season records for every program in the state. Boys tournament listings date back to 1918; girls listings date to 1976.

We also list track and field champions here. Individual event champions are listed to 1974 (boys) and 1973 (girls); team champions are listed back to the start of the state meet in 1922.

You can help!

Missing games: The highest priority, besides filling out years before what's already covered by this site, is filling in the missing games. This list contains several games that are missing at least one piece of information. Sometimes, it's the score, sometimes it's a game's location, sometimes it's the date, and sometimes it's all three.

Also, I know there are games that were played that, for some reason, didn't make it into this database. I'm interested in hearing about those games, too.

Coaches: Part of my research on Wyoming high school football history also includes tracking down the name of each coach for each team. Click here to see the names of coaches that I am still missing.

I'm human: Occasionally, I mess up. I spell a name wrong, I get a score wrong, I calculate a record wrong... If you think I've got something wrong on this site, let me know. As always, it's best to try to include some documentation to prove I'm wrong. Email me at

Sometimes, the best way to make sure the records are as complete and as accurate as they can be is to simply let people know this site exists. So spread the link around to your buddies.

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